New Puppy Helpful Tips

  1. Along with proper nutrition,yourveterinarianwill also discuss heartworm and fleaprevention. There are several products available. My favorite is Trifexis which ismonthly pill that prevents heartworms, fleas and some intestinal parasites. Newpuppies can be started as early as 8 weeks of age as long as they are an appropriateweight.Adult dogs should be tested for heartworms prior to starting preventative.Dogs in the lowcountry need this pill every month, even in the winter months!It isalsovery importantto haveyour new dog or puppyscreened forintestinalparasites. Many of these parasites can be spread to humans and have the potentialto cause severe disease such as seizures or blindness. All new dogs should have anintestinal parasite screening at their initial visit and then every yearthereafter.One of the most importantthings you can buy foryour pooch is pet insurance.This should be one of your first purchases. I have pet insurance on my dog and ithas already paid off. I like VPI but there are also many other good insuranceoptions. Make sure your insurance covers breed related diseases. For instance,certain diseases that are common in German Shepherds would not have beencovered if I did not have an insurance company that covered breed specificdiseases. The cost to insure my 4 year old dog is about $200 a year. He just torethe ACL ligament in his knee and required surgery. I took him to the specialtyhospital for surgery and the cost was around $3,000. VPI reimbursed me $2600–Iwas very glad I had insurance! The only caveat is that new policies do not coverpre-existingconditions;therefore it is important toget a policyas soon as youadopt a new dog, before any injuries or illnesses occur.Whether you have added a puppy or adult dog to your family, youhave manyyears oflaughter and sloppy kisses ahead of you. Make sure you start off on theright paw with good training and preventative care.Remember, “Dogsare not ourwhole life, but they make our lives whole”.